Let’s start at the very beginning…

I started a blog a while back…scratch that…I started THREE blogs a while back under three separate names because I was being indecisive (as usual) about the name, theme, look, etc. I felt like it had scream my personality and leave room for all things creative, fun, crazy, silly, smart, inspirational and everything in between. It had to be unique, clever, forward thinking, cohesive and very me. 

And then I realized it was four months later, I had three blogs with one post each and thinking about it made me feel like I was creating a project brief for a creative kick-off meeting at work. (Which made my head hurt.) I came to the conclusion that I was going about this all wrong for my purposes.

So, as the Internet masses read through hundreds of thousands of millions of unique, clever and forward-thinking blogs, they may eventually come across mine. And hopefully some days it will be one or all of those things but that won’t be my concern. No one ever may read this aside from my mother (I can always count on her!) and my friends whom I bribe, but that’s okay! 

So what will Emily Eyes be? My creative outlet. A writing exercise. A place to hold some of the MANY random stories that I have. A digital journal of sorts. A collection of things that I find cool, beautiful, fun, inspiring, hilarious, heart-warming, amazing and that brighten my day, just by sharing them. 

Why the name? It was a nickname I once had because my eyes are two different colors – one green, one blue. But it’s more than that here – it’s a view from my own unique perspective, through my two mismatched eyes. And since a lot of this will probably focus on design, photography, style, etc. – a sense of my artistic “eye.” 

So for now, welcome. (Hi, Mom.) I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy creating it!

do re mi

…a very good place to start.


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