Farmer’s Market Fun

I was lucky enough to have my mom, dad, cousin Sara and Grandma in town the last two days to hang out and show Sara some good ol’ Minnesota fun during her visit from Japan. Topping the list of to-dos: the farmer’s market! I fell in love with markets while visiting London back in college and unfortunately only discovered the Minneapolis one about a year or two ago. It’s fantastic – a good mix of arts/crafts, clothes, discount purses, gourmet foods, farm-fresh veggies, kettle corn, flowers, mini donuts and more. I try to make it there as often as possible during the non-winter months, whatever those end up being in Minnesota that year. I recommend to anyone and everyone!


Fried, sugary deliciousness

Fried, sugary deliciousness


My lovely mom


Dad and Grandma


Me and Sara

But perhaps the best thing I’ve discovered at the Minneapolis farmer’s market is the wholesale flowers from Market Flowers. They are beautiful and insanely affordable. It would be the perfect place to go the morning of your wedding to pick out gorgeous, fresh and affordable flowers. Today I couldn’t resist a $4 bouquet of pink mini carnations; their ruffled, layered buds almost remind me of peonies.



They’ll be the perfect addition to my desk at work to brighten up the busy week ahead!


One of the other beautiful bouquets – only $20!

Make sure to check out their site at 


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