J’aime la France! Amo l’Italia!

I was right – the mini pink carnations are already brightening up a stressful beginning to the work week. (And yes, it’s only 10:00 on Monday.) I love having fresh flowers on my desk – definitely helps combat bad energy from clients, colleagues, vendors, media – whoever is dancing on my last nerve that day.

flowers desk

You’ll also notice that for a little added inspiration I also have been keeping the August  Anthropologie catalog near my computer. It’s full of beautiful, romantic photography in Europe and lately I’ve had a serious Paris and Italy craving. Strange, since I’ve never been to either. But thinking about visiting or merely just watching a movie set in either country always seems to make me feel all is right in the world.

Last week on one of my favorite shows, Top Chef Masters on Bravo, Chef Hubert Keller was talking about growing up in France above his parent’s pastry shop. I couldn’t believe that existed in reality. It made me wish that the movie “Being John Malkovich” was true, only it was “Being Hubert Keller”. And that by going into the nearest conference room in my office I would suddenly be transformed into Hubert Keller, making croissants and baguettes in a tiny pastry shop in France with my mom and pop.

Someday I’ll get there…someday. So for now, dreaming about it will have to do.


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