Spring Cleaning for your Cabinet

I’m moving this week (yuck!) from my beloved apartment and during the thrilling packing process I realized how many expired spices, food products, medications, etc. I’ve been storing around my place – taking up space and adding to the clutter! Ironically, today’s Daily Candy Chicago features pantry makeovers from Dana Joy Altman from Real Food Rehab.

As DC put it, “Between blind dates and movie dates, you’ve neglected the most important date of all. TReal Food Rehabhe expiration date. On everything. in. your. house. Dana Joy Altman will revamp your kitchen faster than you can say “sesame seeds from 1995.””

I couldn’t have said it better myself! In fact, I actually had to throw out my sesame seeds because they expired a few years ago. I think the most criminal of my oversights was an unopened container of cornmeal that expired in 2005. Gross. That, or the anti-anxiety medication I was prescribed for my fear of flying back in 2003 – which I never took and has been chilling in my cupboard ever since.

Maybe it’s time to consider your own pantry makeover – if you live in Chicago, maybe it’s time for you to call Dana Joy!


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