Losing my Virginity in Nate Berkus’s Bed

I made my very first purchase from a home shopping network EVER tonight and Mr. Berkus is the only man I’d ever be willing to give my home-shopping virginity to.

The other day my good friend Mary Sue said that her fiance asked if she ever bought anything from a home shopping channel and she said “No, but once Emily’s grandma asked if she wanted to go shopping and when Emily said yes, she turned on QVC and said ‘If you see anything you want, just let me know.'”

True story. I was about 12 and my Grandma Dorothy loved QVC.

So what tempted me so much to take the plunge? For weeks I’ve been combing stores and Web sites for new sheets that are nice but not completely out of my price range. I spent an hour at Kohl’s last week examining every sheet in the place because I figured I surely had to find something affordable there. Unfortunately I didn’t like anything that I came across.

As I clicked on the TV tonight to take a brief break from packing, I stumbled upon Nate Berkus on the Home Shopping Network. I have great respect for his beautiful work and paused to see what he was selling. Much to my delight I saw beautiful sheet sets! It only took about 5 minutes of his salesmanship before I was jumping off the couch to grab my wallet. I was too timid to call in my order (let’s take this slowly), so I jumped on hsn.com and placed my order.

I’m so excited – Nate assures I will sleep soundly on his 420-thread count, combed-cotton sheets in dusty lilac.

And of course, like any girl, I made sure to instantly call my good friend Mary Sue to tell her about my first time with Nate.

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