I heart NY

I was lucky enough to have an all-expense paid trip to New York City yesterday and today. Unfortunately, it was for work which meant I saw the inside of a TV studio all day and was in and out of NYC within 26 hours. However, I still had time to catch dinner with a former colleague and friend in the West Village which made it completely worth the trip.

My first time to New York was a family vacation in high school —and to be honest —I don’t remember a lot of it. When my sister lived there for 6 or 7 months after college, I went to visit and got a little more of the single girl’s New York perspective — cosmos at swanky restaurants, shopping on 5th Ave and dancing at clubs whose music Laura approved of.

But it wasn’t until I visited NYC three more times in the short span of two months last year that I fell in love with the city like I love it now. (I’m sure watching Sex and the City an average of once a day in college probably didn’t hurt, either.)

New York has a contagious energy. Whenever I’m there I get sucked into the hustle and bustle and feel like I’ve just met a cute new love interest. How can you not love the city that’s home to classic movies, trendy TV shows, Broadway, cutting-edge cuisine, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Central Park and superstars of yesterday, today and tomorrow?

Last October my dear friend Renee and I had a fantastic trip to the East Coast where we met up in NYC with our other good friend Patti, who lives in DC. We spent three days frolicking around the city shamelessly partaking in cheesy tourist rituals, shopping at Bergdorf’s and eating midnight dinners at posh restaurants. It was every SATC-loving girl’s perfect vacation.

Being there these last two days made me reminisce about our trip, so in honor of last fall’s NYC excursion, below are some my favorite pictures of the trip and a few highlights from our itinerary. I blame our perfect vacation for sealing the deal on Renee’s move to NYC next month but I guess I can’t blame her.

Who can resist New York?!


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