Trend Alert from Casa Sugar: Jack Attack

Union Jack

Since moving back from London I’ve used a random smattering of memorabilia as decoration around my apartment/house and have been craving a Union Jack throw pillow. I was even considering making one for myself, or convincing my sister to as one of her first needlepoint projects.

I think people are drawn to the flag because it’s a cool design with strong geometric lines and by switching out colors or patterns for solids, it can take on a different feel. The UK itself carries connotations of anything from classic high tea and crumpets with the Queen to modern punk fashion a la Vivienne Westwood, so it fits any style. (And for a quasi-anglophile like myself, it’s my way of showing my London love.)

Check out great Union Jack finds on Casa Sugar.


One thought on “Trend Alert from Casa Sugar: Jack Attack

  1. OHhhhhhhhh, me love this format! And the header, and the twitter feed. Watch out- I can tell you are on track to addiction! But it’s so fun, and so great to look back at your ideas and creative growth. Rock on!

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