Bloggin’ Sistahs

I had a blog a few years ago in London but it was more of a glorified digital journal to share my adventures with family and friends. (Glorified might even be a stretch – it was a  very basic digital journal.) It wasn’t until my fantastic friend Katie at work started her blog last year that I got inspired/jealous/motivated to do my own. For a while I avoided reading hers knowing that I’d only end up plaigerising every idea she has because I love her blog so much, but I think I’m starting to find my personal groove. I definitely owe her credit for much of the inspiration, though!

So in honor of Quirky Katie and other inspiring bloggers I know, here’s to the women who have gotten me started on the right path – be sure to check out their blogs!

Quirky Katie – My creative, quirky and constantly clever friend, who happens to love alliteration. :)

Quirky Katie


Argentinacita Lia – My former cube neighbor and friend who busted free of client calls, status reports and media pitches for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Argentina. (Cue the jealousy.)



Sister, Wife, Baby Mama – My endlessly funny older sister who chronicles her transition from single city girl to hot mama and wifey.



I Am Chasing Thirty – A recent (and unexpected) blog discovery, Katie’s dad and my dad were good pals during college so we spent time toddling around the Como Zoo and Iowa tourist spots together as children. Check out her beautiful photos!


Thanks, ladies! Keep up the good work. ;)


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