It’s officially fall and the cooler autumn air has finally arrived in Minnesota! I had a fantastic weekend perfectly balanced with activities with friends and cozy naps. This may be a long one, so bear with me, but I have some great photos to share. Thanks to Quirky Katie, I’ve become a huge fan of Picnik, a free photo-editing Web site that helps you spruce up your pics in a very user-friendly way.

After a lovely morning of sleeping in , I met up with Quirky Katie so that she could show me all of the hidden places where she finds the beautiful treasures that adorn her home and inspire her creative projects. We had so much fun rummaging through weird stools, funny signs, cute lamps, glamorous jewels and whatever else we came across. Katie’s creative energy is very contagious so I was glad to have her with me guiding me through her favorite spots and helping me figure out how to use the things that we found.

Treasure hunting


I came across some goodies I’m really excited about – a few plates to add to my random china plate collection, old magazines, wine and cheese labels to use when making cards or art, and some cute little jewelry boxes that I was instantly drawn to because of their old English vibe.


But my favorite find of the day was this adorable chabby-chic side table that I can perfectly picture in my next  apartment!

Pretty little thing

This afternoon, after sipping warm apple cider at Caribou Coffee on what seemed to be the perfect autumn day, I made sure to snap some pictures around Lake Harriet and at the Lyndale Rose Garden before heading home. Fall is my favorite season but it seems especially beautiful in Minneapolis, particularly around the lakes. I’ve just noticed the leaves changing within the last week, so I’m sure by next week the whole kaleidoscope of colors will be on full display!

Lake Harriet






The roses are on their way out for the season so I was glad I had chance to stop by the Lyndale Rose Garden this weekend. It’s the second-oldest rose garden in the U.S. and absolutely beautiful! The sun was setting which allowed for some great pictures.

Rose Garden


Yellow roses



I ended the day with a delicious bowl of spiced carrot soup, which I made from scratch. Soup and Martha Stewart Living — the perfect way to end a beautiful fall day!

Perfect fall evening


One thought on “FALLen!

  1. AHHHHH! This is the greatest post ever! Great photos (even without picnik, but totally awesome WITH picnic!) and great finds. AWESOME time.

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