The return of two of my favorites! (Kind of.)

Today is an exciting day not only because it’s the first day of October but because there was two good pieces of news to celebrate about one of my favorite TV shows and my (formerly) favorite magazine.

LONNY – I’m still mourning the loss of Domino, the best magazine of all time, but luckily there’s a bright spot on the horizon with Lonny online magazine. Not only is it named after my two favorite cities in the world – London and NYC – it’s being launched by two former editors of Domino. (Which guarantees it will be fabulous.) Unfortunately I haven’t had time to do more than skim it today, but rest assured I’ll be digging in during my day off from work tomorrow. In the meantime, check out Quirky Katie’s post in more detail.

Lonny Magazine

FABIO RETURNS! – Top Chef is a favorite of many and I myself rarely miss an episode. In my opinion, one of the best contestants in the history of the show was Season 5’s Fabio Viviani. Not only is he a talented chef, has a fantastic Italian accent but it didn’t hurt that he was darn good lookin’.  His crowning achievement, however, was his delivery of one-liners such as “This is Top Chef, not Top Scallop!” after contestant Jamie made yet ANOTHER scallop dish for the challenge. Classic.

According to Yum Sugar, Fabio is getting his own reality show on Bravo following his catering business expansion with business partner Jacopo Falleni. I’ll have to be sure to get cable by the time it begins! ;)

Fabio Viviani


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