Sugary Goodness

Although I love reading them everyday, today’s CasaSugar and YumSugar contained two stories that I particularly love on a personal level.

CasaSugar: Today’s stories contained a house tour of design blog Black White Yellow’s author which I feel like was decorated specifically for me. It’s very much my style and even contains some items that I own as well! (Black and white Russell + Hazel notebook, IKEA shelving, “Keep Calm” poster and the Chicago neighborhood poster  by Ork Posters that I’ve been wanting.)

I love exposed shelves that bring organizational elements into the decor of the room (a necessity in small apartment living), and that her collection of colors and patterns seems cohesive instead of hap-hazard. And it’s even better that she’s managed to do it all on a small budget – a must for people like me!

Take a peek at the images below for a preview and then check out the full post here. Maybe since we have a similar sense of style that means someday my blog will be as great as Black White Yellow. Here’s hoping!

YumSugar: YumSugar’s “Raise Breast Cancer Awareness in the Kitchen” story was particularly exciting today because it contained an item from one of my clients that we pitched to them! Caribou Coffee (my client) has a special blend, Amy’s Blend, on sale for the month of October to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month and celebrate a special Caribou Coffee roastmaster who lost her battle with breast cancer in 1995. In addition to being delicious, ten percent of sales from Amy’s Blend coffee, tea and adorable merchandise will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. (Shameless plug.)

I’ve been hard at work on the campaign so I was excited to see it was included in the YumSugar article. I also can’t stop looking at the Riedel stemless pink Chardonnay glasses – I love stemless glassware and the graduated pink hue just makes it that much better. It’s like ombre for your glassware!

Check out the images below and all of the wonderfully pink items here.

Note: All images are posted together below because for some reason Word Press can’t handle two galleries in one post. (Hint, Hint, WordPress.)


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