Etsy Find: The Time Traveler’s Calendar

Time flies when you’re having fun! Or very busy or on a deadline…or in general, really…

Anyway, it’s time for my first “Etsy Find” post. I love Etsy and decided that each week I’ll feature a seller or items that I’ve found that are particularly fabulous.

This week’s topic: calendars! These calendars are perfect additions to spruce up your desk, office, fridge, cube, etc., or give as gifts. A stocking stuffer, perhaps? (You know, Christmas is just right around the corner.)

There are hundreds — perhaps thousands — of calendars on Etsy. Be sure to check them out! Here are a few favorites:

2010 Modern Design Calendar
Seller: pinkroses1220
Price: $10

2010 Modern Design Calendar

This calendar is sent as a PDF and can be printed over and over to make gifts
for family and friends!


Perpetual Calendar
seller: Orangebeautiful
Price: $28

Perpetual Calendar

A stack of 13 letterpressed 2-sided cards displays the date by flipping the cards
in the letterpressed display box.


2010 Printable Calendar
seller: Yaelfran
Price: $9

printable calendar

This quirky calendar can also be printed as many times as you like when
you receive the PDF files.


2010 Giclee Calendar
seller: joojoo
Price: $30

Giclee calendar

These colorful pen illustrations can be cut and framed after each month is over!


Teacups in the Little Forest Calendar
seller: StephanieFizer
Price: $12

Teacups in the little forest

These colorful little cards are sturdy enough to be propped up or can be
hole-punched for hanging on ribbon.


2010 Graphics Calendar
seller: Paperandinkling
Price: $16.50

2010 graphics calendar

I love the modern line art on these small cards; they also come
with a jewel case for displaying.


Peony Paperie Desk Calendar
seller: PeonyPaperie
Price: $16

Peony Paperie Calendar

These bright beauties are printed on recycled cardstock.


Daydream Calendar 2010 
seller: SusannahTucker
Price: $20

Daydream calendar

These 12 beautiful images come with a whimsical message each month.


2 thoughts on “Etsy Find: The Time Traveler’s Calendar

  1. Etsy is great when I know what I’m trying to find. But I do *not* enjoy browsing through Etsy just for fun — there’s way too much stuff on there, and it’s completely overwhelming. Plus, there’s a lot of *crap* to sift through on there!

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