Harry Potter versus Edward Cullen

 Harry vs Edward

This post is partially in jest because I find the new vampire rage pretty funny and because I can proudly admit when I’m a huge nerd. I spent the last week reading Twilight (I know, I’m late to the party) and actually couldn’t put it down this weekend until I finished the last 300+ pages. It was the perfect activity for lying around the house on a cold weekend with a sinus infection/cold/swine flu/avian flu/who knows.

I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books at least once each and find it entertaining when people compare the two (or in the case of the Minneapolis Public Libary, hold debate forums comparing the two). They’re on totally different playing fields in my opinion (Harry Potter >Twilight) but Twlight is still respectable in its own right. While both are intriguing and enjoyable because of their fantastical nature, I find Harry Potter to be more thoughtfully constructed with complicated story lines, allusions to British culture and history, constant metaphors for good versus evil…the list goes on and on. It does have a little teenage romance thrown in for good measure but unconditional love is the hero of the series.

And speaking of romance, I now see why everyone reads Twilight — it’s jammed full of raw passion and sexual tension! Sure it has danger and conflict and a good versus evil as well, but nearly every page of that first book hinges on the fact that Bella can’t stay away from Edward, Edward can’t stay away from Bella, and yet they can barely touch each other because he may eat her alive. (Talk about teenage urges!) Mix that with about a thousand mentions of how unbelievably beautiful and dazzling he is, a few hundred mentions of how irresistible and tasty she is and BAM! — you have a bestseller and millions of hormonal teenagers around the globe as fans.


Now, in all fairness, I didn’t say I didn’t enjoy Twilight. In fact, quite the opposite – I couldn’t put it down! It’s every girls’ fantasy high school experience — the awkward girl falls in love with the hottest guy in school and in this case manages to snag him. (Only this time he’s a vampire and that doesn’t happen very often in real life.)

Not having read all of the Twilight books, maybe I’m not giving it a fair assesment. Or perhaps I’m just biased. But I’m calling this round for Harry and J.K. Rowling!

JK Rowling


With that said, check out the new trailer for the new Twlight movie, New Moon.

Suspense? Check. Vampires? Check. Buff, shirtless men? Check.
Mark my calendar for opening weekend? Check!


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