60% OFF!

Words like that always get my attention. That’s why the new 60% off sale at West Elm caught my eye.

Some of the things I’d like to snag:  (Santa, if you’re reading this, take note!)


Stella Throw

Stella Throw in a Bag – $89.00


Faux Fur Throw

Faux-Fur Throw – $99.00



Cadman Spine Bookcase – $139.99 – my friend Christine has similar shelves and I love them. I’ve been wanting one for a while…perhaps this is my chance!


Overlapping squares chair

Overlapping Squares Armchair Cushion – $14.99-27.99 (Forget the cushion – I want the chair!)



Grid Tufted Headboard – $299.99-369.99


And although these items aren’t on sale, they are offering free shipping!

Agni Pillow Cover

Agni Pillow Cover – $29.00


Sheepskin Pillow Cover 
Sheepskin Pillow Cover – $39.00


Faceted Glass Cande Holders

Faceted Glass Candle Holders – $8.00


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