A Spooky Saturday Night

As I mentiond in Friday’s post, I hosted a small dinner party on Saturday night in celebration of Halloween. It was a great night full of delicious food, drinks and LOTS of laughs. (And a few screams here and there, thanks to Christine’s Red Box horror movie.)

I went a little crazy with the decorations but I couldn’t help it. After getting inspiration and ideas from MarthaStewart.com  there were too many things I wanted to try! I didn’t get them all done but I think I did a good job setting the scene for our little gathering.

On the mantel I set “bleeding” candles made from dripped red wax onto white tapers and spooky old photographs. (I accidentally printed out a picture of Ben Franklin and thought it was too funny to toss so he got to stay.) There were werewolves, skulls, a raven, brain cupcakes, morgue tags as drink tags, spiders and cob webs! It wasn’t complete, though, until my guests brought over delicious nacho dip, cheesy goodness, cake balls, goat cheese pizza and pepper jelly. Mmmmmm!

I think Martha Stewart would be proud, particularly of my Martha pose. (I’m kidding of course. I don’t seriously pose like that normally.)


2 thoughts on “A Spooky Saturday Night

  1. You are quite the Martha Stewart party planner and hostess! Thank you for the spooktacular party!

    P.S. I had a dream about drowning in the Thames last night, thanks a lot.

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