Maiden Minnesota

Tonight I was able to volunteer at an awesome event called Maiden Minnesota. My co-worker Maiden Minnesota 02Jen helped create this event three years ago to showcase some of the amazing products made by women-owned companies here in Minnesota and raise money for local nonprofits.

In addition to being a fantasic event to begin with, this year was extra special for me because the selected nonprofit was Free Arts Minnesota, a local organization that I volunteered with last year. Free Arts Minnesota’s mission is to provide opportunities for abused and neglected children to express themselves in positive ways through artistic expression. They are a great organization with some fabulous women leading the way.

This is the second year I’ve attended Maiden Minnesota and I felt empowered, inspired, energized and excited even more so this year than last. Many days I find myself day dreaming of owning my own store, starting my own photography company, designing stationary, sewing coats, becoming a florist or interior decorator – you name it! I’ve had dozens of different career hopes and dreams and they are constantly changing.

That’s why it’s so inspiring to attend this event and find yourself surrounded by women who were once just like myself — dreaming and wishing that their day job was the thing they love to do most — and they made it happen. They left the comfort of their corner office in a corporate high-rise to sit with their sewing machine at home and make their dreams come true.

So to all those women who have the courage to follow their daydreams, congratulations and thank you for your inspiration! Hopefully one day I’ll look back and say “I remember when I used to daydream about having this job…”

Maiden Minnesota


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