A Local Yokel

According to today’s PopFizz Daily, the genius folks behind my favorite store Patina have opened a new shop featuring Minnesota-made goods. I worked at Patina for more than a year during and after college and loved every single solitary day of it. The products were fabulous, my co-workers were fun and the retail setting of a beautiful home goods store suited me perfectly.

I’m excited to explore Shoppe Local – I can imagine it will have the same quirky beauty that Patina has thanks to the exquisite eye of the Patina team. It’s carrying gorgeous jewelry from my part-time colleague Natalie Lucas, so they’re already on the right track!

Luckily for me, it’s within walking distance of my house so I think we all know where I’ll be tonight!

Shoppe Local

2 thoughts on “A Local Yokel

  1. Yay! I stopped by the patina on 50th and Bryant over the weekend to pick up a gift for my sister, and they urged me to check out the new shop on the corner. It was amazing, and so cool that it is all local artists. Woooot woot. Patina might also be one of the most drool-worthy locations around, too:)

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