In the more than 3.5 years that I’ve been with my PR agency I’ve found myself pitching reporters and producers on a number of topics — skin care products, awnings, propane appliances, canine arthritis medications, tick-disease tests, dolls, frozen food, golf tournaments and celebrity chefs. (As you can imagine, some of those are an easier sell than others!) In the last  year my world has been dominated by coffee, and most recently, chocolate! Can you imagine a better thing to talk about and think about all day long? I think not!

My client, Caribou Coffee, launched a newly reformulated line of chocolate beverages today made with all-natural Guittard chocolate. I’m a huge fan of the dark chocolate mocha, made by melting little delicious pieces of exclusive chocolate into milk and mixing with espresso. Did I mention it’s topped with whipped cream? Heaven!

I’ll spare you all a full-blown pitch but since I’ve had chocolate on the brain for months and it’s one of my favorite things on this planet, I wanted to shamelessly celebrate the delicious wonder that is rich, creamy chocolate!

Caribou Chocolate

Visit the Caribou Coffee Web site here to download a coupon!


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