Merry Martha Wannabe: Chapter 1

Ever since I can remember I’ve gotten completely sucked into holiday decorating. When I was in elementary school, I would spend hours using the paint program on my dad’s computer to make pictures of little houses decorated with lights. In high school I appointed myself creative director of my parent’s holiday display and drew renderings of our lighting options before selecting that year’s version, shouting orders to my dad from the ground while he scaled the ladder to hang the lights according to my liking. (My patient father!)

Somewhere throughout the years, the Martha Stewart Living December issue became my holiday decorating bible. She (and her creative directors) have a way of making every single cookie, card and bow look picture-perfect and irresistibly charming. The minute I spot it on shelves I snatch one up and spend the next few days plotting that year’s projects (and experiments, in some cases.) I end up spending a chunk of cash to buy supplies to knit scarves, make candy cane soap,  bake extravagant desserts and print my own wrapping paper. Last year I spent two days making holiday candy layered with homemade marshmallows and caramel. In summary, I go nuts.

Last night while making a stop at Target I saw my favorite issue on the shelf. Naturally, I bought it, and as I flip through the pages my mind is already whirling with inspiration. As the weeks near Christmas, I’ll be posting updates and images of the projects I decide to tackle this year. For now, check out some of  the things that made me “ooooh” and “aaaaah”:


Images from Martha Stewart Living’s December 2009 issue.


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