Beautiful Booze

I’m no alcoholic but am certainly a fan of good cocktails; I like to attribute my affinity for vodka to my Eastern Europe heritage. Since my first drink, which obviously was on my 21st birthday, I’ve developed a slighty more refined palate, passing up plastic liter bottles of Hawkeye vodka for the clean glass bottles of Svedka or Absolut. (Notice I said slightly more refined palate. My standard of living doesn’t include Grey Goose or beyond.)   

But one thing I can’t resist when making my spirits selection is packaging — I’m a straight-up sucker for great design. The bottle could say “this is the worst vodka in the world, you’re guaranteed a first-class hangover tomorrow” but if it’s a beautiful label wrapped around a sleek glass bottle I’d buy it instantly.

That’s why I was so drawn to the Integrity Spirits site this morning when I saw it tweeted by Chicago Home and Garden via Apartment Therapy. I’ve never heard of this company so I don’t know if the booze is good, but by golly who cares! The bottles are awesome!


Via Web site: Lovejoy Vodka is our way of paying homage to the Great Clear One…

Via Web site: Not since 1912 has this favored drink of the bohemian class been available in the US. Integrity Spirits welcomes absinthe back to the table
with our Portland, Oregon distilled Trillium Absinthe Superieure.

Rest assured I e-mailed the company to see where I could get my hands on some. I’ll update later if I hear back.


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