“It’s a major award! I won it!”*

I’m so proud of my darling mother. Last night she was honored with an award from a foundation in our hometown for her outstanding work in the nonprofit world. She’s been working at a family social services agency for nearly 20 years in addition to many committees and boards she’s been involved with before and during those years as well.

It’s no wonder I’ve had an affinity for volunteer and nonprofit work. If I look back to growing up I can’t think of a time she wasn’t part of an service organization in addition to her job and our family.

As I’m sure anyone in our family would attest to, I’m more and more like my mother as the days go on. In terms of our worrying, constant cleaning, fear of needles, fair skin and weak stomachs, I’m sure we’d both agree that’s not really anything to brag about. But if I managed to inherit a single ounce of her dedication, compassion and selflessness in sharing her talents and love with her family and strangers alike, then I won’t need anything else in life. (Except maybe her cooking and hostessing skills — she’s unbelievable!)

She’s extremely deserving of this award and I’m very, very proud of her. I can’t tell you how often I hear relatives and friends say “I just love your parents. They are SO AWESOME!” They are. And I’m really, really frickin’ lucky. If there was an official “Mother of the Universe” award, I’m sure she’d win that as well.

Congrats, Mom! I love you!

Here she is giving her acceptance speech – isn’t she adorable?

*If anyone knows what movie that quote is from, you’re invited to the next family Christmas.


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