Happy Turkey Day!

Oh, glorious, wonderful Thanksgiving. How can you not enjoy yourself on a day dedicated to feasting on delicious food?  I’m having a great Thanksgiving vacation and annoying my family by shoving my new camera in their faces every two minutes. That’s right – thanks in part to a birthday and early Christmas gift from my parents I’m now a proud owner of a new digital SLR! I’ve been thinking about getting one for a year or so and after seeing the beautiful pictures on Katy’s blog, I was completely inspired. 

I’m still getting used to it but here are some of the pictures I snapped during Thanksgiving dinner and hunting for our Christmas tree. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Day!

  1. YAYAYAYAYA! So excited about your new camera. You will love it, and see the world in a whole new way. FUN. We should go on some winter photo walks soon:)

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