Merry Martha Wannabe: Chapter 2

December is here! That means a free pass to listen to holiday tunes at my desk, put up a Christmas tree and launch into full-on Martha-wannabe mode. 

While in Iowa for Thanksgiving I helped my parents with their outside holiday lights – an annual tradition with my dad. Although the neighbors take the Griswold approach to outdoor holiday decor, my parents have more of an understated but charming light display.

The holiday duo in action

Liam was nice enough to help Grandma sweep

The finished display

Most of my Christmas decorations are at my parent’s house so this year I’ve added a little holiday spirit to our house in the form of a 6-ft tree dripping in silver tinsel. I’ve only ever had a 12″ tree and generally I’m pretty anal when it comes to my decorating projects but after seeing a picture of my Grandma’s old Christmas tree covered in a ridiculous amount of silver tinsel I felt inspired . It’s messy and goofy looking but that’s why I like it. 


Next on my holiday to-do list…determining my gifts and treats!


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