Merry Martha Wannabe: Chapter 3

This weekend I spent a lot of time hanging lights in the house, planning what to make for various holiday parties and Christmas shopping for gifts. As part of all of this I made repeated trips to Michael’s and probably averaged 1.25 hours per visit. (There’s so much there I get discombobulated the minute I step in the building!)

I made sure to consult my collection of holiday books and magazines to chart out my plans…


My first round of holiday projects was a mix of success and failure.

It all started by attempting to make Oreo balls for a neighborhood holiday gathering on Saturday in the midst of running around trying to get dressed and do my hair for the party. My co-worker Angie makes Oreo balls for office parties and everyone LOVES them so I knew they’d be a hit. Unfortunately, though, I didn’t have a food processor and a hand mixer didn’t do the trick without a lot of flinging, scraping and cursing. Finally, I finished the inside portion and I added lollipop sticks to the balls to make it easier to dip them in chocolate. However, the chocolate kept clumping up on me so unfortunately some of them were a little more textured than others. I finally selected enough pretty ones to put in box with parchment paper and cute ribbon and as I held up the box to examine my success, I dropped the box and they went flying all over the kitchen. (More cursing.)

Although my roommate Adam suggested I just “dust them off,” I tossed most and saved the rest of the contaminated pops for Adam to eat. Luckily I had some extras to box and give to the neighbors and although they looked better than these, here’s a pic of what they looked like.




Sunday I spent some time hanging lights around the interior of the house since I can’t seem to find an exterior outlet. I used some generic brand of sticky plastic hooks to hold them and after a few hours they went from looking like this:

…to looking like this: 


 …and this and this. #FAIL.


So yesterday I purchased some of the 3M hooks and rehung everything – so far, so good. I also was trying to determine what to do with a cheap wreath I had and came up with this cute advent calendar! The paper came from a pad of paper I bought at Michael’s, the clothespins I made last Christmas and I’m just adding glittery snowflakes and circles from this cool paper garland as each day passes.



Stay tuned for Chapter 4, which I’m sure will be the trials and tribulations of me attempting to make holiday goodies for friends…


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