A BlaBla Boo-Boo

I rarely write posts about kids or baby products because I don’t have any kids so what do I know?! But I had to write about these cute little creatures introduced to me by my favorite little dude, Liam. (My nephew.) Liam received a BlaBla bear as a baby gift from one of my sister’s friends and he’s been hooked on “Buddy Bear” ever since. He somehow developed the habit of sucking on the bear’s arms while sleeping (see below) so poor Buddy Bear has been washed, frozen and amputated in order to keep him sanitary.    



 This week, poor little Liam fell while playing and split open his lip, resulting in an all-day trip to the emergency room and three stitches. My sister sent me this picture from her phone. It melts my heart because he’s so darn cute with his chubby legs, diaper and socks hanging out the back of his gown but it breaks my heart to see him at the hospital.     



Anyway, back to the BlaBlas. Since Liam now has stitches in his lip, my sister didn’t want him sucking on a potentially dirty doll, so she cut Buddy Bear’s other arm off, resulting in a full-scale meltdown from Liam. Poor guy’s had a rough week!     



 So I went online to BlaBlaKids.com  to see if I could track down a new Buddy Bear as a “get well” gift for Liam. Unfortunately they’re sold out so I’ll have to track one down elsewhere but I learned so much about the company and cool things they sell. Like Buddy Bear, they have adorable handmade dolls and animals knitted by Peruvian artists. They’re adorable, cozy and made with love!   

A Scottish squirrel named McNuttie!


Rosalie, the piggie


Mini Watson - love the tie!


They also have clothes, rattles, backpacks, mobiles and more. Be sure to check out their cool Web site at BlaBlaKids.com to see all the cute products and learn about their company. You can find their blog here. Great products, great company! 


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