Love Stories

Just nearly a dozen of my girlfriends  have gotten engaged or married within the last year and a half — not exaggerating. The interesting part has been watching the wedding planning; each ceremony and reception unique to that couple and their love story. Thanks to dozens of dress fittings, engagement pictures, showers, parties and wedding blogs I have a million different ideas floating around in my head for what I want for my big day someday.

I’m a very visual person and love photography so I’m always drawn to great wedding photography. It’s fun to look the wide variety and I love that you can see the emotions between two people on their special day just by capturing the right look or touch between them. It’s like telling love stories with pictures.

Recently I’ve become a daily reader of a fantastic blog, This Lovely City. The lovely lady behind this work had her own beautiful wedding and her pictures are adorable! You can check out their slideshow here.

One Love Photo via This Lovely City

My friend Patti is having her August wedding photographed by TC photographer Spencer Combs who has amazing photography as well. He recently got married and had his photos taken the day after the ceremony by Collin Hughes, who posted the gorgeous pictures on his blog here. And you must check out the video from Capture Studios – insanely cute! It’s like a wedding music video!

An adorable picture of Patti and Vern by Spencer Combs

I think I have a few names added to my must-have wedding list of the future! Thanks to the great photographers and videographers like these who keep me inspired to create my own work.

Is there a better love story this time of year than Love Actually?

P.S. If you want to read a cute little love story, visit to read Katy’s marriage prediction at age 8.


3 thoughts on “Love Stories

  1. Thank You so much for posting a photo from our wedding! The photo by Spencer is beautiful + I adore Katy’s “love prediction” …Ok + while I’m at it Love Actually happens to be one of my favorite movies. Basically, I’m in *love* with this post! xo.

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