Last night I came back to the wintry wonderland of Minnesota and WOW — it is freeeeezing here! Luckily, I received a few Christmas gifts that should help stave off the frostbite:

Faux Lynx Throw from West Elm: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this addition to my cozy bed! (Pictured on top in image below.) I know the Web site says it’s no longer available but Santa called the Minneapolis store to hunt mine down and they had plenty. Check a store and have it sent to you if you can’t get it online.



Ring-of-Warmth Wrap from Anthropologie: As I’ve mentioned before, I love scarves and set my sights on this one once I saw it on their site. With so many ways to wear it, it may become my go-to winter accessory…


Caribou Coffee mug with Knit Coffee Sleeve: Even my coffee is bundled up! My client, Caribou Coffee, has an adorable collection of winter merchandise available this year and this cozy mug made it into my stocking.



And although it may not fend off frostbite, the Christmas gift that warmed my heart the most is this needlepoint Union Jack pillow made by none other than my sister herself! Isn’t it fantastic?!



 I discovered my love of funky needlepoint pillows thanks to Jonathan Adler…


…and as my sister and I discussed our new love of them a few months back I commissioned her to make me a Union Jack one, not thinking she’d actually ever do it. Apparently she took it to heart and spent 3-4 hours EACH DAY for the last month making her first pillow for my Christmas gift. She says she didn’t intend for it to be somewhat diagonal in shape but I think it looks cool. It’s a gift I’ll always treasure knowing all of the work she put into it. (As shown in the image below.)


Apparently stuffing it with foam was a bit of a disaster and ended with my brother-in-law literally vacuuming her off. Luckily he snapped a picture on his phone first.

Thanks again to my endlessly talented sister Laura and stay warm, everyone!


One thought on “Brrrrrrrr!

  1. Needlepoint takes FREAKING FOREVER! I made a birth announcement for Vern’s niece, and it took me HOURS every day for about a month and a half! But it’s my favorite winter hobby :)

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