American Girl

Earlier today when strolling by American Apparel I popped in to see what was new. Although I am normally scared off  by their neon spandex body suits and walk right out, today I had to stop myself from dropping a few hundred dollars. WILLPOWER!

Here’s what caught my attention:

Cotton Jersey Leggings


I haven’t been able to bring myself to put tights on these days and have been living in my black leggings. When the windchill is -15, forget tights – jersey leggings are where it’s at! American Apparel has them in nearly every color imaginable and I wish I did, too!

And what do I want to put on with my leggings?

California Fleece Pullover Raglan Hoody Dress



Fine Jersey Stripe T-Shirt Dress


Unisex Baby Thermal Long Sleeve T-Shirt



Tie Dye Interlock Pencil Skirt


The Unisex Circle Scarf



 We’ll see if my willpower will hold…


2 thoughts on “American Girl

  1. I love all of these entries.. the New Year’s resolutions one, this one, and the fur earmuffs one. They sound just like you talking! xo

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