The Loss One of Fashion’s Shining Stars

I logged on to Twitter early this morning to see that fashion icon Alexander McQueen had been found dead in his London home from an apparent suicide. I’ve been keeping tabs on the updates on Women’s Wear Daily and the Cut blog from NY Magazine and am really saddened by the loss.

I’m not a fashion guru or designer know-it-all but I’ve always been struck by the beauty of his work and have dreamily gazed into his NYC store window on more than one occasion. It’s always sad to see someone take their own life, particularly when they are so talented and seem to have so much going for them.

If you’d like to see what the fashion industry is saying about this loss, visit WWD here.

As my own personal tribute to the great fashion innovator, here’s a collection of some of his items that I particularly love. If I had an extra $1400 in my pocket, that black bag would be mine. NOW. It’s amazing.


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