Loving Liberty

I apparently missed the announcement back in December that my favorite store of all time (Target…no lie) has developed another genius partnership, this time with Liberty of London. If you’re not familiar with Liberty, it opened in London in the 1870s and began selling ornaments, fabrics and furnishings from all over the world. Since then it’s remained a world-renowned supplier of luxury fashions for the home and wardrobe, most notably for their beautifully patterned fabrics. 

I snapped a picture of a store window when I lived in London and it’s been my favorite picture that I’ve taken ever since.

On March 14, Target will unveil a new line of home and garden items and fashions for men, women and children in conjunction with Liberty of London. The new items are bursting with brightly colored floral patterns and are the perfect addition to any garden patio or English-inspired bedroom. You better belive I’ll be at a Target store on March 14 scooping up my favorite items – look out Minneapolis Target shoppers! (I’m seriously so excited about this.)

Here are some of the goodies to find:

Kudos, Target. You’ve done it again! Thanks for providing me with yet another line of products I don’t need but can’t seem to live without. You get me every time!

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