Be Still(water), My Heart

Although the last few weeks have been extremely busy with work, I made sure to enjoy some time this weekend with my parents who were gracious enough to drive up to Minnesota for a quick 36-hour visit. Instead of hanging out in our usual spots in Minneapolis, we ventured east to Stillwater to enjoy the sunny winter weather in the quaint downtown area.

It was my first trip to Stillwater, which is shocking since I’ve lived in Minnesota for almost 9 years now! I loved it, loved the shopping, and of course, loved the time with my visitors!

 Here’s where our weekend adventures took us:

I’m a stationary junkie so it was only fitting that the very first store we entered was Pulp Fashion. I could have spent hours there — they had great selection of stationary items, invites and DIY decor books. I couldn’t leave without purchasing necessary and not-so-necessary items from my favorite paper brands. (You’ll see what I got at the end of the post!)


At the recommendation of the woman at Pulp Fashion we headed next door to Savories Bistro for lunch. It was cozy, adorable and had one of the best restaurant bathrooms I’ve ever seen! It had a Parisian flare and awesome mosaic sink — you better believe I snapped a few photos!


I believe the next chunk of time was spent at Country Charms antique store (where I drooled over vintage jewelry, fur jackets and an assortment of china) and Reve 324 where we relaxed by the fire and enjoyed ice cream and berry-lemon cheesecake. Delish!


We made one more stop that afternoon at another great store, Alfreso. I loved the open layout of the store and beautiful white woodwork. They also had a gorgeous display of  Tokyo Milk  products that fawned over for nearly 10 minutes.


After that it was time for a nap at the hotel before a late dinner and wine at cozy Luna Rossa, followed by lots of magazine reading in the hotel. A perfect Saturday!

For Sunday’s adventure we slept in and got ready to venture downtown for a few more hours before parting ways. But before we left the hotel, my parents had to perform a mini-recital of their new ballroom dancing moves. They’ve been taking lessons with some friends and it was time I saw their new moves! Look out Dancing with the Stars! 


After working up an appetite dancing, it was time for burgers and malts at Leo’s Grill & Malt Shop. I’m pretty sure there will never be a time in my life where I’m not in the mood for burgers and shakes and Sunday morning at 11:30 was no exception.


On our way back to the car we checked out two final stores: Kathe Wohlfahrt and Collaborations Boutique. We spent quite a bit of time in the German woodcarver’s Christmas store; my dad has purchased a nutcracker or smoker for each of us girls every Christmas since we were little and we already own a handful of her beautiful characters.


 Our final stop at Collaborations resulted in three separate purchases on my end — they had a great sale and twice while getting rung up I spotted something else I couldn’t leave without!

Here’s my collection of goodies from great shopping in the adorable downtown area. I was excited to spot geode necklaces in my latest issue of People StyleWatch a few hours after snagging one for $12 at the antique store!

 Clockwise from top left: Russell+Hazel notebook binder paper, Amy Butler file folders, Pulp Fashion; flats, cocktail ring and Minnesota necklace from Collaborations Boutique; geode pendant from Country Charm Antiques.


My first trip to Stillwater earns an A — loved the awesome shopping, delicious food and great company!


5 thoughts on “Be Still(water), My Heart

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! Isn’t Stillwater the cutest?!

    Your parents are too freaking cute. And I love the pic of JK in the German store. I immediately thought of when he “disappeared” during Oktoberfest at Gasthof’s :)

  2. Did you know the missus and I moved out to Stillwater? We moved into our house on New Year’s Eve. I love it out there.

    Luna Rossa is a great spot, and I’m glad to hear to made it to Leo’s. Great burgers — but if you really want an awesomely unhealthy, fantastic burger, try Meister’s next time you’re in town.

    Entirely unrelated recommendation: a little hole in the wall called Nacho Mama’s, right downtown, serves kick-ass Caribbean-styled Mexican food. Share an entree, though, because you’re probably going to be bringing home a doggie bag.

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