A Whirlwind Week

I just realized it’s been a week since I’ve posted! It was a busy, busy week but also a good one. Instead of attempting to summarize, I’ll let these pictures recap it for me:


A weekend in Iowa with the family – how adorable are these needle point pillows that my mom had as a child? Fits the decor of my room in Iowa perfectly!


Four long nights preparing for Thursday’s Minnesota PRSA Classics Awards Banquet at International Market Square – a great event at a perfect venue! 


Celebrating our evening’s wins with some of my lovely colleagues…


Picked up this adorable dress at LOFT’s 30% off dress sale while shopping with the girls!


 Followed by delicious food and drinks with the ladies at Edina’s Salut Bar Americain.


Sunday errands included an impromptu mani/pedi at Crystal Nail Salon in Edina – one of the best walk-ins I’ve been to!


 Fired up my new grill for a very seasonal Sunday dinner…


 …and yes, that’s a PBR I’m drinking. I was desperate and it was the only cold beer in the house…


…finished off with  ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream in my new milk glasses from Anthropologie!

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