Foolishly Fabulous

Happy April 1! While today is generally reserved for pranks and cruel jokes, I’m bringing you a blast of good news!

Thanks to the wonderful Elizabeth at Beauty Bets, I’ve got the inside scoop that tarte costmetics is offering 40% off your order TODAY ONLY! Just enter promo code “AprilFL” when purchasing.

Trust me, it’s not a cruel joke. I may or may not have already purchased something (or somethings) with it…


If you’re into cheek stains, these have been rated highly in many beauty magazines and I’ve been eyeing them for a while. I have the benetint lip and cheek stain which I like the look of but find hard to use — I’ve heard these are better. I’ll let you know!


One thought on “Foolishly Fabulous

  1. Oh, I see what the April Fools joke is though- they don’t have my favorite product that I would buy 100 of at 40% off! The new Natural Lip Stain pencil with 2000% more moisture or something equally ridiculous. Cruel Joke, I checked the whole website.

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