Shutter Love

To continue my minor obsession with wedding photography, and just cool photography in general, I had to post these pictures I found the other day that I absolutely adore.

via clone machine

Check out these insanely beautiful photos by the very talented Sarah Yates, who captures some of the most romantic images I’ve ever seen…

Excuse me, waitress? I’ll have what they’re having. Oh, and a side of that perfect backyard wedding as well.


6 thoughts on “Shutter Love

    • It reminds me a lot of your wedding photos, D&G! I have friends who just swoon over the pictures from your wedding!

      And P, I totally agree, looks like Anthropologie!

  1. Look how straight all those plates have been laid out. That table setting is just PERFECT! a leaf right out of my book. I enjoy reading your blog. More updates more frequently would be nice!!

    • Thanks, Gav! As a hospitality/catering manager I’m sure nothing makes your soul sing like perfectly-lined tableware. :) I’m glad you like the blog – I will try my hardest to post more often! And YOU have to be sure to keep FB updated once baby Maude comes!

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