A Very Wedding Weekend

This weekend I helped some lovely brides-to-be with wedding errands and projects.

First on the list: Accompany the lovely Kayla to a bridal shop to try on her dream dress, shipped in specifically for her to try on. The only problem — they sent the wrong dress! She put the dress on anyway and we played around with hair pieces and vails just to make the most of the trip.

After the bridal shop silliness we stopped by the chapel where the wedding will take place near Lake Harriet, and it was BEAUTIFUL! Definitely a fantastic choice by Miss Mikayla and her man Matthew.


On Sunday, Mary Sue and I spent just short of 6 hours making the centerpieces for her table —and we’re only half done! They’ll be totally worth all the hard work when all is said and done, though. We assembled two completed ones at the end of the night and they looked AWESOME!

Mary Sue found this template online after seeing the idea at another wedding:

…and after brainstorming together and an inspired trip to Michaels on my end, opted to create a “photo journal” feel with images from trips and hand-written journal entries to explain the images. There was a lot of writing, and punching, measuring, trimming, scoring and cutting…but they started to come together eventually!


Voila! The finished product! They’ll look great with the purple table runners and purple, white and chartreuse name cards and table numbers designed by redshoes26 design.


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