Style Secrets

Today, House Beautiful (@House_Beautiful) tweeted about 20 decorating secrets that nobody ever tells you. Here are some of my favorites:

Pile on the pillows!
One pair of pillows always looks skimpy. Use two pairs, in contrasting patterns, colors and textures.


Buy a bigger bed.
Small-scale furniture only makes a small bedroom look smaller. Try a high bed and a tall headboard.


Use a real rug in the bathroom.
Use a rug instead of a bath mat. It was made to withstand a lot more wear than the occasional wet foot. (Forget the rug — I just want that tub and giant bathroom!)


Tuck in your throws.
Keep throws under control. Fold them lengthwise, then in half, then tuck them into cushions.


Gold is gorgeous.
Gold is back in a big way. A few accents will warm up a room, like this classic living room designed by Kirsten Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford.


Switch up your seating.
Mix the seating at your dining table. You wouldn’t have eight identical chairs in your living area. (I’m a huge fan of mixed seating at tables – especially with benches!)

Find the rest of the secrets here. All photos via

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