Little space, lots of potential

Holy cow — I just realized it’s been nine days since my last post! Clearly time flies when you’re sleeping on your sister’s couch, traveling for work and moving into a new apartment.

And speaking of apartments, I was able to move into my new Windy City pad this last weekend and am still settling in although good progress has been made. I’m absolutely in love with it — it’s in a great neighborhood near my sis/B.I.L./nephew, has really tall ceilings with great use of closet space, a fireplace with mantel, a window seat with a stained-glass window, fantastic kitchen and deck large enough for table and chairs!

I’ll share more images of the apartment later but for now I want to share my great respect for my fantastic closet — storage space is critical in apartment living! I’m extremely appreciative of the efficient use of space with the tall ceilings. I may have to stand on a step-stool to get to reach the top row of clothes, but it all fits.

I even have room for my framed B&W picture of Vera Wang that I keep in my closet — it’s a beautiful image of her home from an InStyle shoot and I’d like to think it gives me inspiration when choosing my outfits each day!

Here are some great closet shots from Apartment Therapy, look at all that potential!

(I’m still obsessed with this apartment!! ^)

One thought on “Little space, lots of potential

  1. Note that I didn’t get a chance to paint my dresser – just too much going on! But I have ideas for the other one in our den…

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