Here’s lookin’ at you

I’m thinking that I’d like to get some cool mirrors to give my bedroom or even our living room the feeling of a larger space. There’s so many beautiful things you can do with mirrors and I absolutely adore mirrored tables and dressers.

The images below from Martha Stewart have my mind spinning with ideas…luckily there is no shortage of beautiful mirrors out there!

Build a tiled mirrored wall with individual small mirrors from Ikea:


Create more light-reflecting beauty by adding a mirrored table in front of the wall as well:

(from Horchow)

(from Neiman Marcus)


Mirrored dividers give the room the illusion of space and dimension:


(from Quality Bath)


Create a paneled look or mirrored skyline by painting the borders of mirrors from Target the same color and placing side by side on the wall:


And be sure to enjoy the beautiful face smiling back at you when you’re done!


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