New Project!

I’ve been a busy, busy bee jetting back and forth to Minneapolis and on the road to Iowa while settling into my place in Chicago. (Hence the lack of blog posts.)

I wanted to share a new project that I completed over the weekend thanks to a great idea from my very stylish friend Christine. She created a fabulous bulletin board framed with a antique-looking gold photo frame and I love it so much that I vowed to make my own.

With some free time this weekend, I convinced my sister to drive me to Home Goods to scope out frames. I found a giant picture collage that you normally couldn’t pay me to hang in my apartment but I knew it had potential to be the perfect frame.

I picked up gold metallic trim paint from Menard’s and went to work painting a few coats. You can still see some of the darker colors from the original frame showing through but I like that it doesn’t look perfect.

(don’t be confused by the spray can, it’s glue, not paint)

After it dried, I attached a sheet of corkboard that I cut from a larger roll I picked up at Menard’s as well. I just fastened the back as normal and voila! It was already done. And it looks perfect over my desk!


5 thoughts on “New Project!

  1. I absolutely love the final color – such a great idea to add some depth to the frame with the trim paint. The final project looks fantastic!

  2. Cute!

    I’ve been spraying the hell out of a million different frames for our wedding. I found that Krylon works AMAZINGLY. I tried Valspar, but it was really drippy and messy. Applying the paint with a brush (like you did) sounds like a good technique for when you want it to look a little less perfect (so you can even see the brush strokes and stuff).

      • I’ve been using Krylon’s “Gold Leaf” spray, but it only comes in small cans (called “Short Cuts”). I seriously should have bought stock in Krylon prior to this, because I’ve probably purchased more than 30 cans of that crap. It’s a huge pain, but the color is perfect, and the quality of the paint is good. I bought some of the little pots of paint in the same color, but it didn’t look great when I tried to brush it on. I’ll give you some next week, and you can see if they work for any of your projects :)

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