Fall Favorites

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year – and partly because fall clothing is my favorite as well. Light sweaters, scarves, leather boots and knit hats that can be layered and re-layered but aren’t buried under down jackets and fleece hats that become necessary to ward off frost-bite once winter sets in.

At the risk of sounding out of the loop, I’m going to admit that I had never heard of the clothing company Boden until a catalog arrived in my mail a week ago. It originated in England so I’m instantly drawn to its preppy yet casually-layered looks. Reminds me of the fall I lived in London – sigh.

Here are my favorite items from their fall catalog, which totally put me in the fall shopping mood. Again, sigh.

Soho Jacket

Urban Biker Jacket

Washed Leather Blazer

Circle Applique Dress

Chic Wrap Cardigan

Metropolitan Cardigan

Cowboy Boots (these have moved to the top of my must-have list for fall!)

Washed Cord Mini

Hamptons Tee (I’m a sucker for anything with stripes)

British Tweed Blazer and Basket Weave Beret


One thought on “Fall Favorites

  1. OMG, I got the Boden catalog in the mail a couple weeks ago too, and was obsessed! Looked through it so many times. Love the layers, and flashes of bright, and funky basics. SO HOT!

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