I’m pretty much obsessed with this image from the Rouge Coco Chanel print ad.

 The lighting, styling, beauty — it’s all perfection!

It’s also made me really want that shade of lipstick since the first moment I saw it on the back of my magazine. (And every other of the dozen magazines, bus shelters and billboards I’ve seen since then.)

Today I headed to the Nordstrom next to my office (DANGER!) to turn in my six empty MAC makeup containers in exhange for a free lipstick. Luckily, I was able to spot a color that’s nearly a perfect match and I walked out of the store with a spring in a step and a smile on my newly-pink lips.

If you’re looking for a copy, check out MAC’s creme lipstick in Faux.


And if you’re a MAC fan, don’t forget to save your empty containers (or colors you don’t wear anymore). Any six get you a free lipstick at a MAC counter or your choice of lipstick, shadow or gloss at a MAC store. And the best part — empty eyelash containers count, too! (I’ll file that under “information that would have been helpful to know two years ago.”)


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