I have a special place in my heart for tartan.

Maybe it’s because I’m part Scottish. Maybe it’s because I was forced to wear a red plaid school uniform most of my childhood.  Maybe it’s because tartan scarves remind me of a chilly October trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, a few years back. Or maybe it’s because to me, nothing evokes a fantasy of snuggling up by a warm fire on a cold mountain day like a beautiful plaid throw. Sigh.

(A brief lesson: Technically, not all plaids are tartans – only the ones registered with the Scottish Tartans Authority are true tartans. But for this sake, we’re celebrating all bright, colorful plaids!)

A few weeks back, I got a sneak-peek at MAC’s new tartan holiday collection from my neighborhood MAC store. I’m kind of obsessed — not only are they adorable but their holiday collections are seriously great deals, especially the brush kits. For $50, you can get a five-brush set including brushes that cost $30 and $25 each! I got one for Christmas a few years back and it’s by far the most-used gift I’ve ever received. (Hint, hint, Santa!)

Tartan throws don’t have to be for just indoors, check out this image from Country Living with beautiful plaid blankets to create a cozy space outdoors.

As I get ready to co-host my first Thanksgiving with my sister, I’m picturing some plaid in the mix like this image from Elizabeth Ann Designs:

And doesn’t this Pendleton bag just scream, “I’m going up to our cabin in Vermont for a little skiing this weekend, I’ll see you Monday!”

So let a little tartan into your life, in whatever way you feel inspired!

Me, Edinburgh, Scotland – 2005


One thought on “Tartan-tastic.

  1. Oh Lordy, I NEED those MAC brushes! Yes, I already have some… but most of mine are about five years old. I like the Sweep & Define collection; though I already have 129SE. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have ANOTHER one :)

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