Hey good lookin’, whatcha got cookin’?

I’d be the first one to punch a man in the face if any semblance of the sentiment “in the kitchen where you belong” ever dared to cross his lips, so don’t think I’m setting women’s rights back a few decades with this post.

Sometimes, particularly around the holidays, I just want to spend the day in my kitchen baking dozens of cookies and dancing around to my favorite tunes. And I want to wear an adorable apron while doing so. (I’ll pass on the heels.) 

Luckily, Anthropologie’s amazing kitchen collection includes aprons that are cuter than most party dresses I own, in their signature vintage-European look. Just take a look and tell me that you don’t want to put one of these on next time you’re channeling your inner culinary goddess.

3D Toile Full Apron 

HMS Lollipop Apron 

Tea and Crumpets Apron 

A Kiss Under the Mistletoe Apron

And then, when you’re done in the kitchen, go back to running your business, freelancing your design skills, writing your book, tending to your clients, managing your staff, taking care of your family, training for your marathon, or any of the other hundreds of amazing things women are doing these days.  Go get ’em, ladies.


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