My Best of 2010

It’s been one hell of a year — lots of changes and eye-opening experiences on this end. It’s not been one of the easiest years I’ve had in recent memory but definitely a year of growth and great memories along the way.

Looking back at all the big things and little things that happened in the last 12 months, here’s my BEST OF 2010 list:


Favorite Song: Katy Perry and Timbaland, “If We Ever Meet Again”


Honorable Mention: Lady Gaga, “Bad Romance”


I went to A LOT of weddings in 2010, and the minute either of these two songs came on during the reception, I danced until I nearly fell over.


Best Movie I Saw: Inglourious Basterds

(It was made in 2009, but I saw it in 2010)


Favorite TV Show: So You Think You Can Dance

Like I said here.


Honorable Mention: Glee

Love the Warblers!


Most Delicious Thing I Ate: TIE! Insalata Caprese & Tuna Ventresca
Fonduta Anellini with Black Truffles & Parmigiano, both from Del Posto

Fonduta Anellini with Black Truffles & Parmigiano


Favorite Thing I Drank: Anything with St. Germain

Honorable Mention: Fernet, because I never really gave after-dinner drinks a chance until NYC


Best Trip I Took: Four days of pure gluttony in NYC

This is my co-worker Lia during our dinner "Beef 7 Ways" at Ma Peche.

Katz’s Deli, Ma Peche, Blue Ribbon, Del Posto, Eataly and Cafe Bloulud with five amazing chefs
and a BFF date with Renee at Spotted Pig.


Favorite Gift I Received: My Chicago neighborhood poster

I swore I was going to get one once I finally moved here and my sister bought it for me and custom made the frame as a welcome gift!


Favorite Thing I Purchased: Floral Design Classes at Epoch Floral

Image by Epoch Floral

It’s one step closer to a mini dream of mine! (Noted here.)


New Guilty Pleasure: Vampire Diaries

I know, it’s terrible, but I can’t help myself.


Biggest 2010 Failure: My exercise routine – EEK!

Image from Eco Market


Favorite Beauty Product: TIE! Lipstick

Image from MAC Cosmetics

Not gloss — tubes of fantabulous lipstick. I haven’t owned one in years and now I carry 3 at all times.

  AND Aveda Air Control Hairspray

It’s expensive, so I’ve tried many other options, but nothing compares — and it smells amazing.


Most Delicious Thing I Made Myself: Cheese Souffle


Favorite Non-Food Thing I Made Myself: Our collage wall

Yes, that’s a framed portrait of a squirrel wearing a necktie.


Proudest Achievement: Moving to Chicago



Favorite Photo I Snapped: Liam and my dad on the riding lawn mower

I took it on my little point-and-shoot and it’s grainy but the looks on both of their faces are priceless.


Favorite Blog: The Kitchn


Favorite Chicago Hot Spot: Big Star

Image from

Honorable Mention: The few blocks around N. Wabash Ave, between E Huron and E Erie – it looks like it belongs in London.


In 2011, I’m most hopeful for…putting down some roots in Chicago!



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