My resolutions.

I’m sure I could make a list of about 20 I SHOULD do, but in reality, two’s probably my limit as far as resolutions go.

So here’s what 2011 will have in store:

1. Get eight hours of sleep a night. I’m telling the honest truth when I say that until the last few months, I didn’t realize most people I know actually get at least eight hours of sleep a night. I have literally been surprised to hear most people I know actually do this — I assumed it was one of those idealistic health tips like flossing multiple times a day or drinking a ridiculous amount of water.

I’m a night owl, so I have a hard time convincing myself to go to bed before 11:30. (I also then have a hard time waking up six or seven hours later when it’s time to get up.) But since everyone around me claims it’s not that hard to do and every book, magazine article or doctor on the planet claims it’s good for your health, I’m going to do it! As I just read in my Lucky magazine a few minutes ago, “No beauty product can do for you what eight hours of sleep can.”

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2. Pick up the phone. I hate talking on the phone — just ask my friends who don’t live near me — and am quick to fire off an e-mail or text message before actually dialing someone’s number. Given I live far away from my closest friends and am still in the “put forth an extra effort to meet new people” phase in Chicago, it’s time I speak on the phone more than I type on it.

Get ready to hear more of my voice!


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One thought on “My resolutions.

  1. Ugh, I HATE talking on the phone too! I use my BlackBerry for e-mailing, texting, and Facebooking, but rarely for calling.
    Also, I just recently started getting *close to* eight hours of sleep. The worst part is the damn Eastern time zone — I miss all of my favorite shows that are on at 10 p.m. (Top Chef), because I start getting ready for bed around 10:30.

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