Three Things

Three things I have currently have on my mind:

The amazing hair days I have had since purchasing Pureology PureVolume shampoo and conditioner.

I first encountered it outside of the salon in an ex’s parents’ shower a few years back. I always had the best hair days when visiting them but I mostly chalked it up to the salty Cape Cod air or being in love. HA! It was the shampoo!

My other favorite part — in the travel-sized bottle I recently bought at ULTA, the shampoo is concentrated so even though you’re under the 3-oz TSA limit, you’re getting a bottle that will last a few trips. Brilliant.



My first floral design class at Epoch Floral yesterday.

I had such a great time — I left informed, inspired and having spent most of the time laughing at the hilarious instructor. I also fell in love with some ruffly nude-colored roses he made an arragement out of with a modern deocrative element from West Elm and some moss. I can’t find an exact match for the roses online but these will steer you in the right direction:


Image from


This beautiful inspiration board from one of my favorite blogs, Postcards & Pretties.

 I.Love. Sparkles. Glad they’re predicting it as one of the trends for 2011 weddings.


One thought on “Three Things

  1. So nice to meet you last night!

    I have to comment on Pureology – it’s my FAVORITE! I know it costs a fortune, but it’s so worth it. And you’re right, it’s concentrated, so I just need to use a teeny bit.

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