Working Girl

I just started a new job today – YAY! – that I am very excited about. In addition to the job and company itself, it’s nice to be able to start fresh with a clean slate and a new routine. Of course, I used this as an opportunity to upgrade my office essentials and spend some money at one of my favorite stores in the world, Russell+ Hazel. If they ran the world, we’d all be on time and lookin’ fabulous.

Here are some of my Russell+Hazel must-haves, in addition to their essential mini-binders and notebooks:

Love these binder separators with pockets for storing notes or folded sheets of paper.

If you’re going to fill a to-do list, it might as well be a cute one.



These ADORABLE little cards are perfect for keeping in your wallet to jot down a phone number or restaurant recommendation for someone. The set I bought comes with a clear acrylic box for your desk.


If only I was proper enough to write with these beautiful crystal-topped pencils. (I’d probably just smudge the lead all over my pretty notebook paper.)


I own this fancy little notebook and love it – pink and gold are always a winning combo in my (note)book.

And my final new accessory I’ve been waiting for at least a year to own…the iPhone! *swoon*

Unfortunately, mine isn’t sporting this awesome Marc by Marc Jacobs case, because even after I hunted one down this weekend, I found out that it doesn’t fit the slightly-altered Verizon iPhone 4 version. But at least I still have the iPhone!

Remember when you picked out your fancy new back-t0-school outfit and trekked off to the first day of school with new pens, backpack and Lisa Frank folders? Yeah, it kind of felt like that. Only better.


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