Mad Hatter

Okay, it’s official. I’m really excited about the royal wedding tomorrow.

And this Kate Middleton look book on NY Mag’s The Cut blog actually made me like her even more — she’s so normal for someone who is going to be the Queen of England someday! Some people may say that her outfits are boring or don’t have personality but considering she’s going to be a member of the royal family, I’m just impressed she owns a pair of skinny jeans! (They’re not the most modern people you’ll find, let’s remember…)

I’m most jealous of her fabulous hats and fascinators. If only I had a vast collection of fancy hats in addition to appropriate occasions to wear them. Not sure what my friends would think if I showed up at their wedding with a pile of feathers on my head…

I think even the internet proves difficult to sift through to find fabulous hats like Kates but here’s a few to get started, if you’re feeling so inspired!

Etsy: Black Wedding Fascinator


Louise Green, Minnie



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