Slow but still moving.

I got a book of daily meditations called Journey to the Heart  by Melody Beattie a few weeks back, recommended by a friend, and I’m loving it. I feel like 90% of the time it’s speaking to the exact thing on my mind.

I skipped ahead to tomorrow’s because I noticed it spoke exactly to my thoughts right now and I’m going to spend the next two days (and beyond!) reminding myself of this message:

“Don’t be dismayed when you come to a pothole, a detour, a stretch of rough and rocky road. Don’t be surprised. Slow down a little. Be patient. It’s not the whole journey. It’s not the way it’ll always be…

…Feel all your feelings. Feel your fear and frustration about slowing down, then settle in for the ride. You may not be going as fast as you’d like, but the journey hasn’t stopped. You’re not doing anything wrong. You are going slower, but you’re still moving forward.”





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