Vive la France!

I’m gonna be honest – I’ve never given a second thought to Bastille Day until the other day when a client e-mailed me about their flight of French sparkling wines on special today and it made me think “Wait a minute…a holiday where drinking champagne and eating chocolate croissants and creme brulee is the patriotic thing to do? This is my new favorite holiday!”

As if France wasn’t fabulous enough!

Mark my words – next year, I’m hosting a Bastille Day party to celebrate. For now, I may have to pop in my copy of Amelie and have a few glasses of bubbly…

P.S. I’ve never even been to France (the horror!) but I dream of it, and here’s a brief list of my favorite things from France:

– Champagne (duh)
These adorable enameled lockets
– French fries with bernaise sauce
– Lattes
– Chanel
– Beautiful shots of the Eiffel Tower
– Street cafes
– Degas
– Baguettes with cheese



One thought on “Vive la France!

  1. Paris, je t’aime! <3 You know I've always been OBSESSED with all things French ;)

    You want to plan a trip to Paris?! I'm 110% serious — if you really want to go, I'll go with you! (Perhaps London, then the chunnel to France?) I'm already going to Hawaii and Costa Rica this January… but perhaps a Parisian getaway could happen later… :)

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